Robocup Junior ACT Competition Preparation - 3 Day Course


To spend three days working as part of a team to design, build and test an entry for the Robocup Junior ACT Rescue competition which will be held on Saturday 19th August 2017. Your child will participate as part of a team. Their team will a robot to build and test. They will make their robot navigate the rescue field (by following a line) to locate chemical spill. In the chemical spill they need to find the victim and rescue it. Of course there will be challenges and obstacles on the way!


Attending a Kid Technic Race to Rescue course, or, similar level of experience.


  • Wednesday 12th July to Friday 14th July 2017, 9am-4pm - This would be the school holiday class where the bulk of the preparation is done. Teams would build their robots to their own design, and then program and test their robot on the equipment used on the day. This will be held at Ainsle Football Club.
  • Robocup Workshop - Friday 18th August 2:30pm to 8pm - This is an official Robocup Junior Workshop for all team - so the teams can perform any last minute adjustments, remind themselves of what they have completed so far and receive their team shirts. Location St Francis Xavier College, Florey
  • Robocup Junior ACT Competition - Saturday 19th August 8:30am to 5pm - The date of the competition for the ACT region. This competition is located at St Francis Xavier College, Florey.

Suitable For

Ages 9+

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School Holiday 3 Day Course - $490 . Cost includes mentoring at Robocup Junior Workshop and supervision on competition day , t-shirt and competition entry fees