Robotic Sumo


This short, one day course is a beginner course aimed at getting students up to speed with the terminology, software and hardware involved in robotics. The students are introduced to the MINDSTORMS NXT software, shown how to design and construct strong and stable robots through the challenge of building a sumo robot to compete in the competition at the end of the day.

There are three types of sumo which will be played throughout the day depending on the groups abilities.

  • Flip Sumo –Flip the opposing robot over to win.
  • Broken Sumo – Break a piece off opposing robot to win.
  • Strength Sumo – Make a robot powerful enough to push the opposing robot out of the ring.


Attending a Kid Technic Robotics 101 course, or, similar level of experience.


Counter rotating wheels, design slopes, Sumo strategies, Sumo approaches, and Robotic Sumo rules. Loops, forks, light sensors, touch sensors, manual callibration, object clearing techniques (methodical and random), use of variables in programming.

Suitable For

Ages 8+

Course Rating


School Holiday 1 Day Course - $99