ROBOTIC SOCCER 101 - 2 Day Course


This holiday course is about learning the very first basics of building a Soccer Robot that can compete in Robocup Junior Soccer Division. Build a robot that can see a soccer ball and kick it into the goals. Each team will play simple soccer against each other. Don't underestimate how difficult it is to ensure that you are NOT kicking an own goal! This course has a significant amount of PROGRAMMING involved.


Must have attended the Robotics 101 AND a NEED 4 SPEED (or RACE TO RESCUE) course with Kid Technic or be able to demonstrate a similar level of experience.


IR sensors, compass sensors, counter rotating wheels, design slopes, Sumo strategies, Sumo approaches, and Robotic Sumo rules. Loops, forks, light sensors, touch sensors, manual callibration, object clearing techniques (methodical and random), use of variables in programming.

Suitable For

Ages 9+

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School Holiday 2 Day Course - $198